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All the while, Sivana is jealous of Mind taking the Society from him. When he turns the finished beam on Mind, it’s revealed that it is really a progress ray, turning Mind into an infinite centipede like creature primarily based on the Hyperfly. Batman is ready to defeat him, at the same time as he de-ages from a de-aging ray Sivana used on him, when he turns the growth ray into reverse and uses it in opposition to Mind. Following this, Mind catured by Sivana and treated with Suspendium, causing Mind to create a cocoon for itself.

They discover a small jail containing Superboy-Prime in the Monsterlands as Superboy-Prime states that he can hear what Mister Mind is saying. Mister Mind and Doctor Sivana start their plans to free the Monster Society of Evil from the Dungeon of Eternity. In this new timeline, Mister Mind makes his first look after Doctor Sivana’s alliance with Black Adam fails. Sivana heads to the Rock of Eternity, the place he can’t get in due to a magical protect. He cries out for somebody to assist him save his household, saying that while science has failed them, magic might save them. Sivana then discovers a caterpillar-like creature trapped in a bottle throughout the Rock.

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At the top of the year, Mind tracks Hunter and Booster right down to the lab of T. O. Morrow, intent on buying the pinnacle of the Red Tornado, whose computerized brain has mapped the Multiverse. There, Mind’s gestation completes and he emerges from within Skeets in a monstrous imago form known as a “Hyperfly”. Now, as an alternative of feeding on the brainwaves of people, he feeds on house-time itself and decides to devour the complete Multiverse. Mind is lured again to Hunter’s lab, where he shrinks in measurement and becomes trapped within Skeets’ Suspendium-lined shell.

  • Some followers might have anticipated Mister Mind’s appearance at the end of the film, as this is not the first time we see him.
  • That’s a protracted story by today’s requirements, and in the Golden Age, it was downright epic in every sense of the word.
  • Batman is ready to defeat him, even as he de-ages from a de-getting older ray Sivana used on him, when he turns the growth ray into reverse and uses it against Mind.

Undeterred by his measurement and physical kind, Mind has menaced the Shazam/Marvel Family since 1943’s Captain Marvel Adventures #26. Shazam himself was rebooted in 2011, and his roster of villains obtained a fresh new replace as nicely. Mr. Mind’s next look came within the pages of 52, a weekly sequence that chronicled a “missing year” of the DC Universe. In truth, he wound up being the main villain of the entire series. While he did attempt to use a “Hate Ray” to homicide Shazam in that story, he did not, you realize, staff up with Hitler. Having misplaced all of his henchmen, Mr. Mind decided to make one last attempt at murdering his foe by waiting till Shazam turned again into Billy Batson and then dosing him with a bottle of ether, leaving him unconscious and at Mr. Mind’s mercy.